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June 2017

Curiosity Rover Photos Saucer Shaped Disc On Mars

Here's an image that was taken by the rover Curiosity as it canvases the Mars surface. It has a disc shape and is either on the surface or just hovering above the surface. I cant say definatively what it is, but it is interesing

curiosity saucer on mars


mars saucer

This is the saucer and its negative image below, colorized to the right.

saucer on mars mars ufo sighting




May 2017

International Space Station UFO Sighting


This disc shaped UFO was captured by the international Space Station

iss ufo
ufo space station
iss ufo sighting
space station ufo sighting


May 2017

California Desert UFO Sighting


The Video was filmed over the California desert 5/3/17, and has since been removed.

At first, i thought it looked like a plane in the distance, but as the video went on im not so sure. Below are some stills that i blew up and colorized.

cali desert ufo   ufo california desert
ufo cali   desert ufo
ufo desert   cali ufo





April 2017

International Space Station UFO Encounter

Here's an intersting video showing a UFO approach the ISS, then slowly fade away. Below are still shots and colorizations - THE video has since been removed, but here are some screenshots..

iss ufo   space station ufo
space ufo   ufo space station

Jan 2017

5 Things We Know About The Chilean UFO Sighting

Here's a video supposedly from the Chilean Navy, shot in 2014, This ufo can be seen emitting a strange gas. Below are still shots and colorizations - video has been removed, but here are screenshots..


chile ufo

  ufo chile
chilean ufo   chilie navy ufo
ufo over chile   ufo chilean



Jan 2017

10 UFO Sightings

Here's a video with a bunch of supposed UFO sightings. You be the judge - video has since been removed, but here are some screenshots.


Odd shaped UFO     wierd UFO odd ufo



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